Little Squeaky Shoes -  Unique Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes!

Are you looking for Gorgeous, Unique Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes

for your little one or simply after that special gift?

        Little Squeaky Shoes offer a fantastic range of stylish unique shoes for pre-walkers and toddlers that SQUEAK with each step.

We also offer gorgeous soft leather soled footwear designed especially for babies.

Little Squeaky Shoes are the softest and most flexible shoes designed especially for little growing feet. 
They will help your baby's feet to develop naturally as recommended by leading podiatrists.
Our brand is loved and trusted and we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality baby shoes at the best possible price!.


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Squeaky Prewalker / Toddler Shoes

Our unique toddler shoes that SQUEAK with each step, are made using

100% Genuine Soft Leather
(not PU or fake vinyl leather being sold as "leather" elsewhere)
with very comfortable and flexible soles, making the perfect transition into walker shoes!. 
They are breathable, durable and easy to keep clean.
Available in a variety of styles, designs and colours, for pre-walkers and toddlers sizes 3 - 8.
Ages 6 mths to 3 years approx.

red girls squeaky toddler shoes            black squeaky toddler shoes          purple girls squeaky toddler shoes
They keep children amused and provide hours of FUN!.     
Our squeaky toddler shoes are a great LEARNING AID, as they can encourage your little one to learn to walk and help develop their motor skills such as  walking, skipping, hopping and jumping, making every activity more exciting!. 
Parents will also hear their child at all times, keeping their little one SAFE.
Visually Impaired Children will BENEFIT greatly!  And so too will their parents!  
 SQUEAKERS ARE REMOVABLE!.... the choice is simply yours!


Leather Soled Baby Shoes & Prewalker Shoes
Our gorgeous baby shoes are 100% Genuine Soft Leather footwear for babies and pre walkers.
They are manufactured with a soft leather (non squeaky) sole to provide the most flexible shoe possible, whilst still providing extra warmth and protection for your childs feet.

They are also unique as they come with a REMOVABLE INNER SOLE, providing extra cushioning against the floor.
All baby shoes are breathable, durable and easy to keep clean.
Available in a variety of styles and colours for babies 0 to 12 months.
Note that our "Bright Stars"shoes (below right) are perfect for Christenings.
  blue monkey leather soled baby shoes    pink leather soled baby shoesbear leather soled baby shoes


Baby Gift Packs and Gift Vouchers

Little Squeaky Shoes make the perfect gift for any occasion.
Check out our beautiful Gift Packs. Gift vouchers are also available!
Go to our stores and follow the instructions in the gift pack section at the bottom,
or click on the gift boxes below to go straight to our baby shoes store.
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 Little Squeaky Shoes are affordable, no child should miss out!.
Simply click on the top left menu and enter our secure online store (open 24/7) to make your purchase. 
Easy!, Receive your shoes in a matter of days!
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