Frequently asked questions

What are my postage options?
When finalizing your purchase with us, in your shopping cart you will be given three options of postage to select (from the drop down bar).
You have the option of select-Registered Post, Express Post, Standard post
International Purchases and requests to send purchases overseas.
For International purchases and requests to have purchases sent to overseas, simply send an email us with your destination details and we will get back to you with a postage fee.
What is your exchange and return policy?
We do exchange only if the shoes have not been worn or marked, come with the original packaging and fall within two weeks of purchase. Simply email us with your request. You will incur postage costs to return items and  to re-send the new items to you.
However, We do not exchange or refund on shoes purchased from our "Clearance Shoes".
How do I know which size shoes to order?
Currently our shoe sizes start from size 3 (pre-walkers) up to size 8 (toddlers). Choosing the right size is easy. Refer to the menu on your top left and select "Size Chart".
I am buying Little Squeaky Shoes as a gift. Can you help me with size?
Yes. Refer to the menu on your top left and select "Size Chart". There you will find helpful information. If you are still unsure, send us an email with details of the child/s you are buying for and we will get back to you with a recommendation.
Are Gift Certificates available?
Yes, please contact to request. 
How do I care/clean my shoes?
For Leather Shoes- Treat/clean the same as you would adult leather shoes. Using a lightly damp cloth wipe the areas cleaned. Alternatively, from a shoe repairer/boot maker you can purchase polish.
 I have lost a squeaker from my shoe. Can I get another?
Yes!. Send us an email with your request and we will post this out to you. You will incur a postage fee of 50c.
How do I disable the squeaker?
This should only be removed by an adult. Either using your fingers or a fork to pull out the squeaker located in the heel of the sole. For half the squeaky fun, try disabling the squeaker in just one shoe!  Please note: The squeakers that are removable are small, so keep them in a safe place away from children.
What is the difference between fake leather and genuine leather?
Little Squeaky Shoes sell only 100% genuine leather shoes. Many other stores sell fake leather shoes and advertise it as "leather". The fake leather is synthetic - ie a vinyl or PU synthetic leather. It does not breathe or wear as well as genuine leather, and can cause bacterial problems with your childs foot.
The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at where the material is cut. The fake stuff is usually a cleaner cut than leather, and often has a material (black or white) backing. The feel of real leather is usually slightly rougher and thicker.
DONT BE FOOLED - fake leather shoes are usually still stamped with "leather uppers", and can have a pig skin lining which makes them smell like leather too !! BUYER BEWARE !! Buy from a company that you can trust !!!
 The Squeakers when removed are small, therefore remove the squeakers out of sight of children, store them out of their reach and keep them in a safe place.
(Little Squeaky Shoes Pty Ltd is not liable/responsible for any form of care and consideration not taken).